Basic Vocabulary:

Actions:Elements of the game:Fouls and violations:
To bounce: botar (en el sitio)The ball: la pelotaPersonal foul: falta personal
To dribble: conducir (botar avanzando)The court: la canchaOffensive foul: falta en ataque
To pass: pasarTechnical foul: falta técnica
To shoot: tirarThe hoop: el aroTraveling: pasos
To slam: machacarThe backboard: el tableroDouble dribble: dobles
To defend: defenderThe lines: las líneas
To attack: atacarThe key: la zona
To score: anotar, marcarA tie: un empate


– Basketball players play with a ball on a court dribbling, passing, and shooting.  

-There are two teams of five players on the court.

-They score points when a player shoots the ball through the hoop.
-A basket (or field goal) counts two or three points, and free throws count one point each.

-A basketball game has four quarters.
-The length of each quarter has 10 minutes.

Play starts with a “jump ball” at center court. At halftime, teams switch sides.

-Each team has a number of time-outs per half.
If a game ends in a tie, teams usually play overtime periods until one team wins.

Basket exman