Bilingual Physical Education

Basic Vocabulary

It is very important for you to know it, so you can understand the lessons.


Come here, please: You must go where the teacher is and form in a semi-circle.
Silence, please Do not speak
Please, stay put: You must not make noise and you must not move.
Be quiet: Do not shout or speak loud
Pay attention Look to your teacher an listen to what he says.
To blow the whistle The teacher makes a noise with the whistle so you pay attention.


To stand: estar de pie  (to stand up:levantarse) To sit: sentarse To lie: echarse
To walk: caminar

To run: correr 

To sprint: correr rápido

To slow down: ir más despacio

To hurry up: darse prisa

To chase: perseguir

To follow: seguir

To tilt: inclinar

To turn: girar

To bend: doblar

To pass: pasar

To receive: recibir
To throw: lanzar

To carry  (or to transport): transportar

To steal: robar (stealing tails game)

To push: empujar

To pull: tirar (de una cosa)

To form a line: formar una fila o línea

To form a semi-circle: un semicírculo

To form pairs: hacer parejas

To form groups of three/four… : hacer grupos de tres o cuatro



– TO TURN to the right – to the left (GIRAR a la derecha – a la izquierda) – TO MOVE forwards or to the front (MOVERSE hacia delante o al frente
– TO MOVE to the right – to the left (MOVERSE a la derecha – a la izquierda) – TO MOVE backwards or to the back (MOVERSE hacia atras o atras (retroceder)
– TO GET/GO into the rink (ENTRAR en) – TO GET/GO out of the rink (SALIR de)
– TO WALK along (CAMINAR a lo largo de) – TO WALK across (CAMINAR a través de – de un lado a otro)
– TO RUN around (CORRER alrededor – alrededor de) – TO RUN under (CORRER debajo de)